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Are You An Avid Supplement User Like Me?

Are you like me?  Every morning I sort out my vitamin pills.  There is a B-complex, vitamin C (two forms, two ascorbic acid pills plus Ascorbyl palmitate), two 5000 IU vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin E complex, then trace minerals selenium, chromium and zinc along with boron.  Then I swallow down a fish oil and a borage oil capsule, two capsules of pumpkin seed oil, a resveratrol pill, hyaluronic acid, apple pectin, two forms of magnesium, and sometimes a thymus gland extract and a some taurine.  In the afternoon I take some extra vitamin C, special B6 and B1 pills and a garlic tablet.  All totaled about 28 pills a day.  I sometimes joke I have food with my pills not pills with my food.  The more you learn about dietary supplements the more steeped you get in taking them.

It’s tedious to swallow down that many pills.  I am considered an elite supplement user.  I probably spend $200+/month on supplements.  As much as I advocate taking dietary supplements, it is a daily challenge to swallow them all.

I sat down one day and realized this daily tedium didn’t need to be.  Just three supplements comprising 4 multivitamin capsules, 2 magnesium capsules and 1 fish oil capsule, seven pills total, could provide me all what 28 pills a day was providing me nutritionally, but without the cost and onerous swallowing contest every morning.  For these reasons I developed 3FORMULAS.  –Bill Sardi

What is 3Formulas?

3FORMULAS was established to deal with consumer confusion in regard to daily dietary supplement regimens.  In a nutshell, it is possible to cover all of the common nutritional gaps in the American diet with just 3 dietary supplements specially formulated to:

  1. Consolidate the number of individual supplements taken daily
  2. Save money (provide $250 of supplements for $40-70/month)
  3. Be more convenient (take fewer pills)
  4. Obtain nutrients that are of the highest quality (absorption, bioavailability and stability)
  5. Provide potent doses while avoiding overdoses, disregarding the archaic and misleading Recommended Daily Allowance or Daily Value.
  6. Balance nutrients (zinc/copper, tocopherols/Tocotrienols, etc.)
  7. Achieve nutrient synergism, i.e. more powerful biological effects at lower dosage (folate/ omega-3 oil; mixed polyphenols; vitamin C + bioflavonoids; vitamin D + magnesium)
  8. Eliminate unnecessary supplements and actually deliver on the great promise dietary supplements offer.

Before I go any further, if you believe, in the back of your mind, that you might be getting swindled by taking dietary supplements and it might be possible to get all the nutrition you need out of an optimal diet, I suggest you click on the link below and visualize the large percentage of the population that does not get the essential nutrients for health from their diet. [Knowledge of Health]

This does not even address the fact our brain is progressively shrinking as we age and researchers now suggests we supplement our diet with vitamin B12 and omega-3 oils to avert this problem.

The 3Formulas concept delivers ALL of the essential lettered vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, classes of herbals, amino acids, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics and essential oils in the most absorbable and bioavailable forms (in other words, sparing no cost), in:

  1. A 4-capsule daily multivitamin (The Molecular Multi)
  2. A magnesium-based anti-calcifying mineral/bone formula —2 caps/day
  3. A 2 caps/day omega-3-6-9 formula

Why was THE MOLECULAR MULTI formulated?

Why just 3 formulas?

Savvy supplement users can save money by consolidating their supplement regimen into just three products: (1) a comprehensive multivitamin; (2) magnesium/bone building/anti-calcifying formula; (3) omega 3-6-9 formula.

Then if you need something more for your prostate, you take pumpkin seed oil. If female entering the change of life, you obtain a natural estrogen replacement like Pueraria mirifica.  If you need more vitamin C, which you do, then you take that.  But you are still not taking 30 pills a day.

Why is there no iron or copper in The Molecular Multi?

Iron and copper should be obtained from the diet, not supplements.

Iron and copper are said to be the malignant spirit of aging.  While required for life (iron to produce oxygen-carrying hemoglobin in red blood cells and copper to produce connective tissue), these are metallic metals that when unattached to proteins (free iron, free copper) induce oxidation and tissue destruction.  These two minerals accumulate with advancing age, starting in males after they are fully grown and in females after the change of life.  By age 40 a male has twice as much stored iron as an equally aged female and twice the rate of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  While there are many natural molecules in the body that bind to and control iron (albumin, ferritin, ceruloplasmin, transferrin, lactoferrin, melanin), dietary iron binders help to keep iron-induced oxidation in check.  IP6 phytate derived from rice bran in dietary supplements is nature’s master mineral chelator.  Polyphenols from grapes (resveratrol), red apple peel (quercetin), turmeric spice (curcumin), tea leaves (catechin) control iron.  In a healthy state all iron molecules are bound tightly to proteins and there is no unbound iron in circulation.

Why isn’t there any calcium in The Molecular Multi?

Americans are being over supplied with calcium.  While calcium is an essential mineral, Americans already consume 600-1200 mg from their dairy-rich diets.  Most Americans don’t need any supplemental calcium.   Health authorities recommend 1200 mg of calcium for postmenopausal females who are at risk for bone loss.  However, the diet appears to be sufficient.  What is lacking are other bone-building factors like zinc and vitamin C.  Furthermore, females do have a deficiency of calcium but rather a shortage of estrogen.  Estrogen sends a signal to hold calcium in bone.  Taking more calcium is like pouring this mineral into a barrel with a hole in the bottom.  The more calcium that is consumed, the more that is deposited into arteries.  Indeed, recent studies show postmenopausal females who use calcium supplements are at greater risk for artery-stiffening calcifications that result in mortal heart attacks.  Women need to replace estrogen, not calcium, to retain bone density and strength.

Why there only 100 mcg of selenium in the molecular multi instead of 200 mcg like most other multi’s?

Selenium is one of those essential trace minerals that is in generally adequate supply in the American diet.  Selenium is required to convert thyroid hormone T4 to T3 and combines with vitamin E to produce glutathione peroxidase, an important internal antioxidant.

Is there enough vitamin C in the molecular multi?

Vitamin C as a water-soluble vitamin is rapidly shuttled to the kidneys and excreted.  The provision of vitamin C with bioflavonoids helps to slow absorption of vitamin C and facilitate higher blood levels.

Vitamin C is actually an internal antioxidant hormone produced in the liver and sometimes kidneys of animals.  However, humans have a universally inherited gene mutation that negates the internal production of vitamin C and forces humans to totally rely upon their diet for this essential vitamin.  The Daily Value for Vitamin C is just 60 milligrams, about the amount in an orange.  This paltry amount of vitamin C will not even measurably raise blood levels.

The Molecular Multi provides both water-soluble vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and fat-soluble vitamin C (Ascorbyl palmitate).

How many capsules need to be taken per day?

The Molecular Multi is a 4-capsules/day product.  For the cost conscious, two-capsules/day cuts the cost in half and still delivers a broad number of essential nutrients.   Yes, it is possible to formulate a better multivitamin but that would require consumers to take more capsules per day.  It is best to take

Should The Molecular Multi be taken with meals?

All dietary supplements should be preferably consumed with food to enhance absorption and prevent nausea that sometimes occurs when consumers take vitamin pills on an empty stomach.  Food stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that enhances absorption of nutrients.

Where can a consumer find out more about all the nutrients in The Molecular Multi?

There is an accompanying chart that describes each and every nutrient provided in The Molecular Multi.

Why are probiotics and prebiotics included in The Molecular Multi?

We live in a new era of understanding.  Low-grade inflammation, a hallmark of aging (called inflammaging), largely occurs in the gut (the intestines, beyond the stomach).  A balance between favorable and unfavorable bacteria in the gut will reduce inflammation and promote arterial health and lean bodies.  Probiotics are acid-forming bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidus), but there are hundreds of strains of bacteria in the gut.  Prebiotics actually stimulate the growth of hundreds of strains of beneficial bacteria.  Some prebiotics provided in The Molecular Multi are apple pectin, quercetin, resveratrol, glucans from oats and cloves.

What are the other two formulas?

The second formula offered by 3FORMULAS is a magnesium-based bone formula that provides magnesium, vitamin K2, vitamin D3 and IP6 phytate, all which are mineral chelating (key-lay-ting) nutrients.  A hallmark of aging is that bone withers and calcium lost from bone is deposited in arteries, glands and soft tissues throughout the body.  Natural chelators bind to loose calcium and dissolve calcifications.

A high coronary artery calcium score is more predictive of a future heart attack than cholesterol.  Calcification of the pineal gland at the base of the brain results in reduced secretion of melatonin, a hormone required for sleep.  So it is important to guard against calcification and reduce consumption of calcium-rich dairy products after full growth has been achieved by males (~age 18) and when baby-making is completed by females.

For women who need to retain calcium in their bones, they need to replace estrogen rather than supplement with calcium.  Bioidentical hormones can be prescribed.  Or natural mild plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) can be consumed, such as resveratrol or pueraria mirifica an Asian herbal.

The 3FORMULAS magnesium/bone formula provides all of these nutrients.  There is a version for males and one for females with Pueraria mirifica.

What is the third formula?

The third formula is an omega 3-6-9 supplement.  While omega-3s form fish and flaxseed are widely hailed, omega-6 (gamma linolenic acid or GLA oils) is also an essential nutrient.  GLA oils are derived from borage, evening primrose or black currant seed.  Omega-9 are monosaturated oils derived from avocado and olives, for example.
A deficiency of omega-6 GLA oils results in dryness – dry skin (rough elbows), flaky scalp (dandruff), brittle nails, dry eyes, dry vaginal tissue.

Ten Of The Biggest Mistakes Dietary Supplement Users Make

  1. Not using a multivitamin
  2. Using a nearly worthless multivitamin that provides the RDA
  3. Taking calcium instead of estrogen replacement for bone health
  4. Using a multivitamin with iron and copper
  5. Not taking vitamin C throughout the day
  6. Relying on the RDA
  7. Taking poorly absorbed magnesium oxide
  8. Not getting enough zinc
  9. Taking omega-3 without omega-6
  10. Purchasing exotic supplements over nutrients that are essential